Monday, August 6, 2012

a new school year

Its a new school year. The house is quiet. Plans are made. Schedules are set, Routines are laid out. Kids are sleeping. Waiting and wondering what tomorrow will hold. I hold their tomorrow, and God holds me. A magnificent job when I look at it that way. I hold their environment. I hold their lifestyle. I hold their discipline. I hold their opportunities to grow, learn, stand, fail. I hold them. And I hold them dearly, and I hold them loosely. Its got to be a miraculous dance combination of sticking close and letting go. The books have arrived. We have paper and supplies. The school room is clean, the bookshelves are clear (mostly). The curriculum is chosen. The children have been assessed. I have studied them and know them and am ready to challenge them to grow where they are week, and to flourish where they are strong. I want to encourage them in being who God MADE THEM TO BE. They each have their own bent. I am finding that bent and following it. Trusting God that He knows what He wants to do with my bent creatures. Oh, and I know He loves them even more than I do. I am thankful. He has entrusted to me some of his heavenly handiwork. I am the vessel this year that He is choosing to use to disciple these small people. It is my privilege and delight to spend time with them, learn with them, grow with them, and serve God and others with them. This journey of growing up disciples is part of the process in my journey in which God is growing up this disciple. Trusting that He will complete the good work He started in me (and in them). May Gods presence bless you with peace this fruitful day.......

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why do we honor Mother's day? Celebrate our Moms one day a year? Thank them, love them, hug them, give verbal affirmations. Remind them that you notice all of the little meaningful things they do for you? Honoring Mom on mothers day can be a special occasion to set aside time to think and reflect on our relationship with our moms. Today I was challenge to write about what I appreciate about my Mom. Trust me, I could list a thousand easy things. Where to start is the hardest part. I will go where I go naturally. Love. She started with love for me (even though I was an unhappy cholic-y baby who about caused her to lose all of her hair!) She continued to love me, when I made messes, bad choices or said mean words, (and when I tried to drag my new baby brother around by his neck), that too! She loved me when I bossed her around and told her how to do this or that the right way. She loved me when I wore her shoes and broke the heels, or tore her pantyhose. She even loved me when I wore her bright red lipstick to Kindergarten and lost an earring that was precious to her. She loved me when I was sick with ear infections and allergies, loved me to the doctor and back. She loved me through childhood illnesses, pre-teen 'tudes, and a life-threatening surgery to correct dramatic scoliosis curves. She loved me in a body cast, through gastritis illlnesses, and through the unsavory jr. high years. She was my friend when friends were hard to come by. She loved me by encouraging me to look at the bright side. She loved me by pointing out my strengths and blessings and all that I had to be thankful for. She loved me through cheer tryouts (when I had to sleep on squishy pink hair rollers), through zillions of social commitments through church and young life and school activities. She loved me by having snacks and fun things to do at our house, so it was the place where my friends and I wanted to hang out. She loved my while taking me to t-p the house of a "friend" from school. She loved me by being fun and having fun with us! She loved my by working hard, keeping the home, making yummy foods, getting us to church, helping with homework, tucking us in to bed. Waking up early to get us to before-school activities, planning ahead for us to have good days, weeks, summers, etc. She loved me by telling me the truth. Showing me how to be a good friend. Walking with Jesus and leaning on Him in good times and in bad times. Praying for us, with us. She studied her Bible, by herself and with ladies Bible studies. She stayed committed to my dad, showing him respect and modeling faithfulness. She worked hard. In and out of the home. She supported me through my first crushes, then first boyfriend, and was there to be my shoulder to cry on when I had my first broken heart. She let me go. She loved me and let me go off to college. She cried (but she didn't show me). She helped me adjust to being far from home, gave me a soft spot to come back to, then sent me off again, with all the hope she could share, to go into the world and continue to become the woman that God created me to be! She was praying for that calling, that vision and that dream, for me to be Who God would use for His Kingdom and Glory! She loved me through college work, flip-flop friendships, more crushes, a semester abroad to England, and meeting the love of my life. She supported my crazy intuition that I would marry this guy (after only being on one date with him), and she always encouraged me to be the godly wife that I want to be. She loved me by sewing me a pretty dress for our engagement pictures (just like she had made my prom dress), and she helped by making my engagement a special happy celebrating time. She blessed me on my wedding day, and was full of love when I returned from my honeymoon. She called and visited and was always available to help or answer a question (the same one I have asked a thousand times; How do you make hard-boiled eggs???). She was there for me when I miscarried our first baby. She was there when I went for the ultrasound for baby #2, finding out we were expecting a GIRL!!! She loved me through 3 pregnancies (that's hard) and births, and has been a loving grandmother to all 3 of my beautiful kids. She has loved me through seasons of busy little kids, ministry commitments, personal development, deciding to Homeschool, and vairious other hair-brained (but fun) ideas over the past 15 years. She loves me today by coming over and spending time with me. Enjoying each others company. Laughing, talking, eating, shopping, driving, watching baseball games or spending time with the family. She is the fruits of the spirit, walking on two legs. Mrs. love, joy, peace, patient, kindness, gentleness, goodness and self control. She shares God's love with me and my family and continues to seek Jesus and grow in her faith, even as she has gotten along in years. She makes life fun but laughing a lot and choosing to do fun things. She loves my by encouraging me to do my best at whatever God has called me to do right now. She builds me up to be the best Mom that I can be now in the season of life that I am in. She is an intricate part of my life and she loves me every day. I love you, MOM! Thank you for all the love you are to me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New day

Got up early today to go for a walk before the sun came up. That's a first for me! I am hoping to start walking regularly and get into the routine of exercise. Its been a long time! I miss going to the gym, but I don't see how I could fit that into our already 'full' schedule. Just not enough time in the day. But I am thankful. The time limitation is a blessing, I am sure; otherwise, I would try to do too much! I am reading One Thousand Gifts, and was reminded last night that we have so many things to be thankful for! And, I was encouraged to enjoy each moment of time, and be 'all there,' so that the time is not wasted. So often, I know I am tempted to be thinking about the next thing rather than focusing on the thing at hand. I want to change that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special Poem from early Pilgrim, Anne Bradstreet

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In Reference to her Children

I had eight birds hatcht in one nest,
Four Cocks were there, and Hens the rest.
I nurst them up with pain and care,
No cost nor labour did I spare
Till at the last they felt their wing,
Mounted the Trees and learned to sing.
Chief of the Brood then took his flight
To Regions far and left me quite.
My mournful chirps I after send
Till he return, or I do end.
Leave not thy nest, thy Dame and Sire,
Fly back and sing amidst this Quire.
My second bird did take her flight
And with her mate flew out of sight.
Southward they both their course did bend,
And Seasons twain they there did spend,
Till after blown by Southern gales
They Norward steer'd with filled sails.
A prettier bird was no where seen,
Along the Beach, among the treen.
I have a third of colour white
On whom I plac'd no small delight,
Coupled with mate loving and true,
Hath also bid her Dame adieu.
And where Aurora first appears,
She now hath percht to spend her years.
One to the Academy flew
To chat among that learned crew.
Ambition moves still in his breast
That he might chant above the rest,
Striving for more than to do well,
That nightingales he might excell.
My fifth, whose down is yet scarce gone,
Is 'mongst the shrubs and bushes flown
And as his wings increase in strength
On higher boughs he'll perch at length.
My other three still with me nest
Until they're grown, then as the rest,
Or here or there, they'll take their flight,
As is ordain'd, so shall they light.
If birds could weep, then would my tears
Let others know what are my fears
Lest this my brood some harm should catch
And be surpris'd for want of watch
Whilst pecking corn and void of care
They fall un'wares in Fowler's snare;
Or whilst on trees they sit and sing
Some untoward boy at them do fling,
Or whilst allur'd with bell and glass
The net be spread and caught, alas;
Or lest by Lime-twigs they be foil'd;
Or by some greedy hawks be spoil'd.
O would, my young, ye saw my breast
And knew what thoughts there sadly rest.
Great was my pain when I you bred,
Great was my care when I you fed.
Long did I keep you soft and warm
And with my wings kept off all harm.
My cares are more, and fears, than ever,
My throbs such now as 'fore were never.
Alas, my birds, you wisdom want
Of perils you are ignorant.
Oft times in grass, on trees, in flight,
Sore accidents on you may light.
O to your safety have an eye,
So happy may you live and die.
Mean while, my days in tunes I'll spend
Till my weak lays with me shall end.
In shady woods I'll sit and sing
And things that past, to mind I'll bring.
Once young and pleasant, as are you,
But former toys (no joys) adieu!
My age I will not once lament
But sing, my time so near is spent,
And from the top bough take my flight
Into a country beyond sight
Where old ones instantly grow young
And there with seraphims set song.
No seasons cold, nor storms they see
But spring lasts to eternity.
When each of you shall in your nest
Among your young ones take your rest,
In chirping languages oft them tell
You had a Dame that lov'd you well,
That did what could be done for young
And nurst you up till you were strong
And 'fore she once would let you fly
She shew'd you joy and misery,
Taught what was good, and what was ill,
What would save life, and what would kill.
Thus gone, amongst you I may live,
And dead, yet speak and counsel give.
Farewell, my birds, farewell, adieu,
I happy am, if well with you.


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