Wednesday, March 23, 2011

life today

How about focusing on the day's itty bitty joys instead of its sorrows? How 'bout making some fun mud pies with the mud the world flings at ya? Let's give it a shot.
The breeze today felt beachy and the temperature was perfect. The grass was smooth and soft on bare feet. Friends gathered to talk about love, life, Jesus. Big kids helped little kids. Hot Yummy pizza. Playing with arts and crafts to create mini mosaic masterpieces. Baseball. Dance. Jr. High Youth group. Balloons from the dollar store. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. When you put it like that, the day doesn't look so bad after all, does it?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growing in Joy (some more)

I have a feeling that God is up to something under the surface in my heart. He is growing Joy. Not the joy from some warm fuzzy feeling, or the joy from a happy sunny day, or the joy from a child's laughter or the joy of a new born babe. Nope. This joy is different. It is like a fullness and assurance of hope. It is the presence of Jesus with me. It is his hug to me, his gentle encouragement, his reminder of undying love. It is Him being my comfort in pain. Him giving me rest. Him lighting my path, guiding my steps. It is Him walking with me. Him sharing my hurt, bearing my burden. Him fellowshipping with me. No, I am not worthy. But somehow, in his heart of hearts, God made a way. Jesus. He came to me. He remains. He will forever be. He is life. He is the fullness. He is the Joy. And He is MINE. Beloved, do you know Him?