Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amberly with Devon on Cupcake

This is Amberly on the horse, Cupcake,that we are leasing for her to use in 4H. She is taking care of her, feeding, scooping poop, riding, enjoying it all! Busy busy, but very fun. Also making new friends!


So we did it! We bit the bullet in September and brought the boys home to start home schooling! So far, we love it! It has been wonderful to spend more time together. We are all learning a ton and having a lot of fun. We are also looking forward to having Amberly home in the fall to start MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

This picture is of a craft project, sock monkeys we made while studying Nubia. (Look it up). :)

At the 4H Barbeque.........

A little hug for my big girl! Amberly is 10 already, can't believe it!!!

Kindred Daughters night

We have been meeting for the past few months with a discipleship group of girls Amberly's age. I am so happy we are studying the Bible with the girls, participating in worship, scripture memorization, even service projects. I am thankful we have the opportunity to do this now!

BVR Parade with Amberly's 4H group

Benjamin's Birthday

At the Pumpkin Patch

we spent Sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens, did a hayride out to choose a pumpkin, played games, etc.

Our Yummy Pumpkin Cake!

One of the Joys of Homeschooling! Such fun baking with Jonah and Benjamin. They gave up after we finished the first few m&m's! Can't wait to eat it now :)
Happy Halloween!!!