Thursday, October 9, 2008

Redeeming Love

Have you read this amazing book by Francine Rivers? Oh my goodness, worth it's weight in gold, and it's a HEAVY one!!!!!!!!! over 500 pages i think.
How can a person's love demonstrate God's love? Soon and Often. If we are truly Christ's ambassadors on earth, this is part of our job description: to make him known. We can magnify him better when we let his goodness and love and "redemption" shine through us. What does this look like? Transformed ideals. Renewed dreams. Hope of Heaven. Prayers for the lost and hurting. Helping the weak. Forgiving our enemies. Overlooking wrongs. Patience. Longsuffering. Not complaining even when we feel justified. Praise. Giving of our lives. Sharing. Reaching out. Putting others' interests before our own. Jesus.
Can we show him off? Can we reflect his beauty to whoever is watching? Are we basking enough in his presence that we soak up some of his glory, so our face shines when we walk away from our meeting with Him? Do we know his desire? Have we asked him His plans for our day? He just might use us to reach someone we would give up on if we walked by them. They look lost. Their situation seems hopeless. They could never change.
Or could they? God has the power. Will we be his vessel? He needs hands and feet and arms and legs and hearts and voices! I am sure that if we are not willing, he will pass by us to the one who is willing, and that one will be most blessed!
Open up your heart and mind and let him love, and live, and give life through you!
His dream and hope and vision for us is much bigger and brighter than we could imagine, but we need to get on his same page and remain available to be used by Him for His kingdom and His glory and our shared pleasure!
Blessed Redeeming!